Quick Start

Here's my contact info.

Add me to your address book, and just text whenever you need me. Texting is the way you ask me to Capture places things you discover and recall stuff you're looking for.

You can use whichever number you prefer.

Home Card

Here's a link to your Home Card.

Save it as an icon on your phone so you can always get to it quick. Your Home Card gives you quick shortcuts to Collections, Contacts, Profile info, and recent activity.

It's also sits at the bottom of every stack of Cards, so you can swipe-down any other Cards to get back to Home.

Navigating Cards

Cards are the way I share information with you.

Think of BadJupiter Cards like interactive index cards – depending on the type of information, a Card may support several different interactions. Every Card I create for you is yours personally, and I'll authenticate access to it.

Managing Cards

Cards can stack on top of each other, so if you select an item or an action on one, it might pop another Card on top. Any time you're done with a Card, just pull it down off the stack, by dragging from the top.

Capture Insights

Tell me your insights and ideas about places as you discover them, and you'll never again have to worry about where you put the info. There are a few different ways you can tell me about stuff, and however you do it I'll create a Card for you:

You can just tell me

You can tell me an interesting insight about a place with just a quick text, as shown here. If I need clarification or more information, I'll ask.

Or forward from a map

A super easy way to tell me about a place is to share it with me from a Google or Apple Map. Find it, then click then share button and share with me just like any of your contacts. I'll ask you if there's anything special you want to remember about it.

Share discoveries

When you ask me to share with your friends, I create Cards especially for them and I remember these things for them just like I do for you. They can share, add insights, and ask me to recall any time.

You can ask me to share via SMS, but the easiest way is to share directly from a Card by clicking the big Share button.

The first time you share with a friend, I'll need their mobile number and a nickname to call them. They'll get an SMS notification that something was shared, and a link to the Card.

Recall anything!

I'm the best way to remember places because I'm always there and you never have to worry about forgetting where you put the info.

Once you've told me something about something, you can always ask me later. And any time someone shares with you I remember that, too.

But the best thing is: I pay close attention to everything you say. So you don't even have to ask me to recall a thing by name.

Make Collections

Collections are special lists that you manage, share, and even collaborate on with friends.

Each Collection you create can be private only to you, or you can allow it to be discovered by your connections. Private Collections can be shared deliberately but they won't be seen otherwise.

Add to a Collection

From a Place Card you can add a place to a Collection by tapping the little star at the top. You have the option of addding it to one or more of your existing Collections, or creating a new Collection on the fly.

Collaborate with friends

Collections can be shared just like other Cards. When you share a Collection, you have the option of allowing the recipient to contribute.

Any time a Collection is updated, all contributors and followers are notified so they can check back and see what's new.

Discover stuff

Once I've gotten to know you a little bit, I'll be able to make suggestions for things that you might like.

The more you tell me and the more you share and collaborate with friends, the better I'll be able to do this. So be on the lookout!